Maxthon portable download

Maxthon portable download gives 403 Forbidden

The the page with download link to Maxton portable from is

The link is

If I try to download I get a blank page and 403 Forbidden on the tab

If i go to
I get Harmful site blocked

This happens both with
F-Secure 2.10 build 336
F-Secure 1.99 build 192

Win 7 64 and Win 8 64

With no F-Secure it goes to

which does not seem to have that much adds.
It has been like that for a longer period of time. There have been a couple of versions which I was able to download.

If the link goes to the download directly and does not open the maxthon site ss this a false positive and if so what can I do as a user.
That other than to download it without having F-S on the PC.

(Win 8.1 32 with MS Security Essentials)

Is it OK to use the downloade Maxthon Portable then.?

Martti K.

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  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,895
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    Hello, martink


    Also like addition:


     - Probably during "403 Forbidden" you can refresh page and will be "blocked page" like about "another situation"


     - How I can to understand - does you mean browser "Maxthon"?


    If yes - so.... Maxthon browser able to download by official page (it's also related about "portable"-version... but maybe it's change now);


    I not sure... maybe that current URLs can be related with official "pages", but it's not certainly official website of Maxthon. And it's mean - if you not sure about "safe status" of downloaded files... it's indeed can be with "surprises" (also like one of URLs with .exe-file, but from official website portable-version will be on archive);


    Official website - (some days ago - downloaded from here network-installer... and it was able to download portable-version too);

    Probably your URLs also have direct-links for official storage... but I not sure that I understand reason "why it's can not to download by visit official website"; If it's able to use official website - F-Secure not blocked it (in my experience);


    And sorry - maybe you want to download any specific version of Maxthon (portable with any mods).


  • BenBen Posts: 2,640

    Hello Martink,


    To confirm if an executable or a link is safe, you can always submit it to our lab for review.

    If it is a false positive, correction will be made to avoid it in the future.

  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 506

    I suggest disabling MSE, as it may conflict with F-S or the other way round, reboot, check MSE is not running in the background, check those links.

  • martinkmartink Posts: 330

    Thank you guys for your suggestions.

    It is not the executable that is being blocked or giving warning, but the site where to to the download link goes.

    So sneding the executable as a sample to the lab is of no use.

    Yes it is the Maxthon browser.

    I downloaded it on another PC where only MSE is running, no F-Secure.

    What I do is got the Portable apps site every now and then and when I see there is a new version of some software I use as the portable version I follow the link to download the software. In the case of Maxthon it is the link I posted with the results I posted.


    I am not saying it is a false positive, the page where the download is may contain harmful items I don't know.

    If I go to and for the portable version no problem, but it is 7zip not paf.

    Just wondering if that Portable App is trustworthy why do  I get the same experience from Maxthon verion to version, but not with other pieces of software.

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,895

    You can report about false-positive or checking situation about URL too.


    It's mean - F-Secure SAS for files and URLs; You can choose category about URL and reason of report (false positive or something another);


    Possible current blocked related with situation - that website not just about one application - it's a lot of... and some of then can be malicious or suspicious. Or... some kind of previously experience was with troubles about domain and it's still blocking now.


    And yes.... on official website - archive-file (7zip or some other, which able to unzip 7z); I note about that... just a little be later. Probably I not sure.... that I have experience about .paf (like portable-installer) - all previously using about portable-version of Maxthon (for example) was just unzip-archive and use that (but here can be trouble about local-cache/temp... which not really "portable" already);


    Anyway.... what certainly trouble in current time:


     - can be downloaded file = safe file?

     - can be current URLs not harmful?

     - or why it's happened just about Maxthon?





  • martinkmartink Posts: 330

    OK Ukko thanks,

    So probably there is something on the page which causes the blockage.

    Still can download it with another  PC without F-S or can get to the protable version through  the Maxthon  page.


    Sorry to say have not got the time to report or submit the sample.


    This site seems to allow to accept only one answer :-(

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,895



    Anyway.... you should be able to "allow" website during blockpage.

    For that need "administrators rights";


    It's mean - when you go to your URL for download portable-version... you can to see "403 Forbidden" - refresh page (by F5 or CTRL+F5, for example); And probably you will see here F-Secure blockpage (if it's without that from first);


    Here should be two buttons - Home and Allow;

    You able to choose Allow - if you are sure... that here all OK :)


    About downloaded file - just scan that and etc. Website-block more related with web-based trouble or with "known source of malware";   Also can be other reasons - like false positive; or like you wrote - "another elements" on webpage, which not really safe.


    If during visit (and refresh page) will be without "block-page F-Secure"; You can manually add to "allow-list" current URL. Main URL in Online Safety -> Settings -> List of allow/deny websites.


    If you visit current page without F-Secure.... it's mean will be without different... if you do that with F-Secure, but with "allowed"-status for current URL. Except situations... if website have exploits for specific OS, browser or other. Which probably can not be like that around that URL, but..... why not.


    Sorry for current words.

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,895

    Also... how I can to understand - current URL already with safe-status. :)


    You can to check current situation and probably will be without any "block-pages" on system, where intalled F-Secure IS.


    Buy anyway... you should be care about any websites, which not official pages (but here also.. time to time... can be troubles).


    About downloaded-files - just already need to scan it / think about / check around.

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