Full scan in only 10 min?


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I triggered F-Secure to do a full scan of my system. Ca. 800GB has been done in 10 min. As other scan engines need much longer time, I can hardly believe that this job has been done extensive.


So what basics are covered by F-Secure, what are not?


For sure F-Secure is taking care for the system(?), but if the system fails I will fix it.

My concern is my data which I need to transfer CLEAN to the fixed system. So I need a scan machine which checks the data – documents, foto, music, video, … Can I trust on this after a scan with F-Secure?


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    It's can be like that - but probably it's not related with current situation.


     - Are you sure.... that it was "full scan" - not "smart scan"/"fast scan" - like "Scan for viruses and spyware" (or "Scan now" by UI)? Full scan - must be with "Full scan for system";


     - If certainly was "full scan" - you can try to check situation with settings about "scan"-processes (where can be settings about "scan just known types and etc.");


     - F-Secure have good antivirus-engine - and probably that related with one of best protection level.



    If you have normally situation with installation (if F-Secure not crashed) and you really did full scan - probably it's must to give good result for "sure" that "All OK";




     - what version of F-Secure you have?

    It's can be outdate (?) - and by that setting - can be troubles; Here I mean outdate "version of program" - not about databases (but that maybe need to check too);


     - if you not sure... that F-Secure give a normally result - but practically it's must be all nice.


    Probably... I can just recommend to use/check situation with your system by ESET Nod32 - and for example... with checking by their Online Scanner (it's avalaible like online scanner/tool for scanning system with any settings);

    All other variants - probably can not to give more "level up", than it's already have. But probably it's just... for situations, where you have any reasons for "something wrong with system"; In another points - F-Secure must be give nice and good result.


    All other tools/programs/companies... can not to give any "greatest level up" in one-time scanning (or for daily use) - but if you use or often install any programs - you can try to check situation with scanner by Malwarebytes, which detected a lot of "not harmful/clean" things about PuPs/Adware or just "potential risk by empty keys in registry" - which possibly not always create a bad for system.


    And if we talk about "full scan in only ten minutes" - it's can be with some of programs (where have special technologies) - but it's all must be related with "next scan after first" - and it's can take less than ten minutes too.


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    This KB article may be worth a read, although I'm not sure if it applies in this case:

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    First change the default settings of the Scanner;


    Try changing them to the following; 


    •  Uncheck - Search only known file types
    •  Check - Search compressed files
    •  Check - Use advanced heuristics

    The search will then take a LOT longer but will be more thorough.


    But no AV will pick up ALL malware/infections, so if you want to double-check that your data is clean you should back up F-Secure with on-demand scans by another scanner such as;


    1. Malwarebytes Antimalware; https://www.malwarebytes.org/free/


    2 Eset Online Scanner;   http://www.eset.com/int/home/products/online-scanner/


    3. Kaspersky's Security Scan; http://www.kaspersky.com/security-scan-1


    4. herdProtect; http://www.herdprotect.com/


    Take your pick.

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