Feature request: Search to include "Notes" field

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I have the habbit of writing stuff in the "Notes" input field. And then I try searching for it, I come up empty. And realise I have to search for whatever i typed into the "Description" field. Which is fine.


But sometimes I wish I could include the "Notes" in my searches, when using the app or client; not when using auto-fill from within a browser.


But honestly it could get messy, more confusing and time-consuming. Perhaps it could be optional. A checkbox in the "Settings" that one can click on and off...


Just an idea.


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    Hi csjDK!


    Thank you for your thoughts and feedback, we really appreciate it.


    Will make sure they see it.

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    Hi!  Thanks for suggesting another feature improvement idea!


    I've moved the post to the Idea Exchange board.  In the future, I'd ask that you post ideas for improvement here, so that they are easier to follow-up on, and update the status of Smiley Wink


    Thanks again!


    // Chrissy

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