A lot of programs don't start after on startup an infection



I've been infected, and I'm still infected, I downloaded one file from Freelancer.com, employer was "seeking for beta testers", and it didn't do anything, just asked permissions to run, so I accepted...

On next windows bootup(today) I noticed many startup applications didn't launch (including F-Secure). I wanted to launch it from its folder but it's permissions were weirdly messed. And a lot of other permissions too. So I changed owner of Program Files (x86) to Administrators, then edited the F-Secure folder and its children to only have Admins and my user in users, and gave it all permissions. But still, I was having problem - now I couldn't launch any file: it says "device, path or file wasn't found" etc. Yet as it was seen F-Secure's services and processes were running in background(And action center doesn't display anti-virus issues)..

Then I tried to do SFC (which couldn't correct some errors), I tried to restore all file security properties from CMD (fsecedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose), repeated same things from Safe Mode, then I found that there's cvtres.exe process running until I open Task Manager, and fortunately it takes few moments to end that process, so I found it's name, but nothing more. As some suggested on the web I did use AdwCleaner, then tdsskiller by kaspersky, with no result. Still in Safe Mode I followed some .exe file opening-ability fixing solution provided by Microsoft(yet now instead of "run" or "open"(I don't remember) it displays "%1" %* and after restart I can launch almost all exe files (all but system restore - "windows cannot find 'c:\windows\system32\rstui.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again"(opening from that directory does the same)).

I can launch applications after having Windows up and running, but I guess half of startup items don't start at startup, they don't even exist in msconfig..


I think I have found the infected file and removed it(actually I gave the DeepGuard order to allow it as it seems yesterday... But now I denied it and deleted that file, and CPU loads no more).






Yet, can anyone help me with startup problem?

A lot of programs don't start, including FS, and reinstalling of one of them didn't help that either.


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