100% Processor and scanning inside compressed files




I have just purchased F-Secure for Mac today and I have some questions ...


I am noticing that F-Secure when scanning is consuming 100% processor power on one of the CPU cores. I am not really sure why this is necessary when scanning downloaded files. Can i set the system for priorities?


Also, I do nto seem to find anyplace where I can set so it does not scan inside MSI files intended for PC's or ZIP etc. Is there any place where I can do granular settings?


Any assistance is much appreciated.




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    Hi Jay,


    you can't make any settings like this. AV for Mac is scanning any data not coming from inside system harddrive. So if there are files downloaded, those will be scanned. Depending on how big such files are, scanning might take some time and system ressources. But usually it shouldn't affect working on the mac at all.


    So If it affects working please open a support ticket and send the SR-ID to me via pm.




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