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Can you please choose anynother typeface for the passwords!


On old display and on new ones. It's sooooo hard/impossible to read, and with auto generated passwords that doesn't make sense. I can't see if it's 0 o O etc. Now i just locked out of goverment logins for days, because they use **bleep**ing java and doesn't auto fill or copy/paste.


If you need to see how it's done. Look at 1password. Brilliant.

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    Good morning scjDK!

    That is a valid point about password readability. We are working on improving the readability, I'm not sure when it'll come out, but it definately will. Personally, I also dislike sites/programs which prohobit copypasting passwords "for security". It makes using good generated passwords hard, but it also brings in vulnerability to keyloggers.





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    @csjDK @Lauri_H 




    I have moved this topic to our Idea Exchange board, so that we can follow-up on the implementation of this request.  Thanks for suggesting it, csjDK!

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    Current client uses clear typeface and color coded background. Closing as done.


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