Have some problem with my mob


Recently I installed F-Secure (anti Theft) program on my cell phone.Everything is working normally, but there is some things that i dont understand.

1.Does evry version of f-secure have (#wipe#) tehnology? And if it does,does it clear only files in memory card or in phone memory too(contacts,messages,pic.......)

2.My mobile data(internet connection...) is always turned off,is that means that f-secure cant locate me?

3.how f-secure (#locate#) work(what connection it used)?

4.If option(if sim card changed lock phone) is turned on,and i changed the sim card,will the return off at old one sim card brake protection or it will stay?

5.If i enable(report sim change),was the message with information go to trusted number?

6.how (#unlock#) work? Can i send message from any mobile phone or just trusted number?


7.If i locked my phone is there any way to thief unlock him( i heard some kind of hardreset(3 or 4 buttons press in same time) can break mobile protection and f-secure proteciton)

8.And ,Do not make the job easier to thief with this work restoring the password(https://my.f-secure.com/en/recover-password) he just put his e-mail,dont understand Smiley Sad



I know you've heard enough of these questions but for me, it would really mean if you help me and answer the above mentioned items.


Sorry for bad english and thanks in advance.



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Sorry, I don't use Mobile Security, but I would say that with point 8, it would be YOUR email address (the one you registered) which is required to reset the password, not the thief's.  Smiley Wink

  • Yeah
    Yeah Posts: 2

    8. That kind of verification is used by user who have full version(who registared) right?

    2.I didnt understand ansver.If my mobile data connection is always turn off(mobile that is for example stolen) how f-secure can find me?What connection he used?

    7. And if it true that hardreset can break f-secure demand password, that means f-secure can protect your files not to be stolen(not your phone) right?

    9.quote f-secure help

    "if you shut down the aplication,the infected file are not quarantined"

    that means that virus who was in quarantine goes back in phone?

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    2. As stated, by GPS, which is not the same as mobile data.  GPS location is from your mobile phone signal.  So, if I understand it correctly, you would send a text from another device, to your device, and your device replies to that text with it's location.


    8.  Yes, I believe so.

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