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How do i get this off my laptop. Its a scanning programme that just keeps scanning my laptop, takes a few clicks to stop the scan. i delete the icon off my desktop but then it keeps reappearing. Any ideas? I thought f-secure would get rid of it permanently but it hasn't.







  • NikK
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    Try this:


    I suggest you also scan your PC with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to see if you have any other "unwanted" software:

  • Thanks for that but uninstall doesn't work. System restore to a previous date may be a last resort. Thanks for the quick reply, have a good day

  • EmilL
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    If you have Internet security 2014. Then you can also try this:


    Start F-secure -> Computer security -> Tools -> Clean up tool. 


    That tool might be able to remove it. 


    If the issue persist. A systemrestore should solve the issue. 





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