F-Secure Internet Security fails to detect mutlple incarnations of malware.



I'm new so please be kind.


I'm writting here first to express my absolute disbelief on F-Secure Internet Security.  It completely fails to pick up multiple attacks of spyware/malware from a clients PC.


I have been recommending this suit for some years and when I saw the infection, I couldn't believe it.  How does F-Secure NOT see this as infected.   (Please see the screen shots)


What makes it worse is the client has now re-infected the computer after I had to do a Factory Reset.  


He now wants a better Antivirus/Security and I don't blame him.  What can I tell him.  


This is absolutly horrifying. The user is NOT a PC expert hence he pays for the security Suit but it does NOTHING to protect this user.  Internet Security sits happily in the background stating everything is ok.


And yes, all definitions were up to date.   Before I had to do the Factory Restore on his laptop (Because I was chasing my tail with this issue, using other Programs Malwarebyte etc), F-Secure never flagged one issue.


Whats the deal guys?









Latest F-Secure Internet Security 2014, Running on Window 7  (Acer Laptop)



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello SteveHow,


    Screenshot number 2 seems to indicate that the F-secure product in use was Internet Security 2011. This product is not anymore supported.


    Unfortunately using not supported products might lead to various problem.

  • SteveHow
    SteveHow Posts: 2

    Thanks Ben,



    With all due respect, are you saying that the Shell program (Skin) even though it was stating that the definitions are upto date, is a different program than the current 2014 Version of Internet Security.


    Why then, was a forced upgrade not issued to a paying customer. (Was my client paying for something,

    inferior, a product that was not fully protecting his system)  This seems all a bit strange to me.  Further more, if you are saying it seems like 2011 Version, why would it have been still updated.   (And it was)


    I have the re-infected computer here. I have not looked at the issue yet, however it does have the F-Security Internet Security 2014.  It will be interesting to see what the 2014 version has not flagged on this instance.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello SteveHow,


    Unfortunately we did not push out notifications to upgrade for versions of Internet Security 2011 or earlier.


    Concerning the updates, we continue to publish them for some unsupported versions, but reserve the right to stop them at any time. Also despite updates, the technology included in our out-of-support versions may not protect fully against latest threats.


    For reference we usually publish a new version of Internet Security every year.

    Finally in order to help you with the disinfection, you might want to use our online-scanner.

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