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I purchased F-Secure internet security a few weeks ago. It has three licenses for three computers.


Now my main computer is having issues and I need to reinstall my Windows.


But.... when I uninstall F-Secure Internet Security, what happens to the license on this computer?  Will I lose this license and have to use another one while reinstalling it, or is there a way to detach it from this computer and after reinstalling put the same license back, so I still have those other two available for other computers?


Thank you.



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    In my experience:


     If you uninstall F-Secure IS and for some situations (required) with F-Secure Uninstallation Tool - it's just "dropped" license key from current system/machine and can be able for new installation (if it was one activate of three license keys - will be no one active of three license keys);


     If you just re-install system (Windows) - it's can be situation with "stuck" about old installation, which still "active"-status (not matter - that system already was reinstalled) and keep license key. Here you can just try to use F-Secure Support services for help and refreshing/reset activation/license keys.


     Or during situation, when all your three licenses "in use" (one of them about "not active" system or not matter) - new try to installation  can be with "prompt" about replace "previously one" for "new one";

    It's can be with mistake and here again... probably just need to use F-Secure Support services for help for "refreshing/reset".


    Anyway it's mean - you can use or be with just "three" active licenses keys ; more commonly it's mean - just three "system" (not matter about device, probably) with active key.


    Maybe if you F-Secure SAFE or something like Virgin Media (or other partnerships) - it's can be different.


    Also probably from F-Secure team will be more helpful answer.

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    Basically, if you're using F-Secure SAFE, you can reinstall from the SAFE portal, or if it's the retail version, from the downloaded installer. In either case, if it complains that you've used all you licenses, I believe you will be given the option of reusing an 'inactive' license, and it somehow 'knows' which one to choose.
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    OK, thank you both  :)


    This is a box version, I mean I bought it from a computer store. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what "SAFE" is. I just first installed the trial version I downloaded, then I put this license key from the box I bought.


  • Simon
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    "SAFE" is used by Virgin Media customers, although I think anyone can purchase it, and it's basically the same as Internet Security, which you have, but for multi-platforms.

    If you can, before you wipe your current Windows installation, go to the licences screen in F-Secure, via Launch Pad, and make a note of the device numbers, as they may come in handy when you come to reinstall.

    Good luck! :)
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    By the way, I'm not sure from what you've said whether the other two licences are in use. If not, it will probably take a second licence when you reinstall, but you will still have the old 'inactive' one to use on one of two other devices - if that makes sense! The licences kind of do a 'round robin' but eventually locate themselves accordingly.
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    At the moment one other license is in use and I'm going to use the third one soon. So it leaves this one that I currently use and I'll uninstall it when reinstalling Windows.


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    OK. Thank you :)

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