C++ 'Hello world' is quarantined


I compiled a simple 'Hello world' in c++ with dev-c++ on xp. When running the .exe it was quarantined by f-prot: W32/Shutdowner.A.gen!Eldorado (not desinfectable, generic). The very basic code uses <iostream>. It is a bit frustrating and offcourse i don't want to shut f-prot down. So, how am i going to deal with that? Help would be very much appreciated. Smiley Frustrated


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  • peterbaaij

    Thank you for ypur answer.

    Actually f-prot. I've been using it since ages. And as far as i know it isn't depricated? Now, i could make an exclusion for the map with c++ projects, but i want to know why is it that a simple program as 'Hello world'/c++ is quarantined; should i use an other io library? Can't imagine f-secure would act different. Smiley Frustrated

  • Simon
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    I think you'll find that F-Secure may well behave differently from F-Prot, and I'm not sure that anyone here will be able to answer your question in anything more than general terms, as we are obviously not F-Prot users.

    I did have a look and see if there is an F-Prot forum, and came across this, which may be of interest to you:

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