TPM v2.1 and F-Secure Intenet Security 2014

Is the Trusted Platform Module for 'secure start-up' compatable with Internet Security 2014?

Is the TPM something that F-Secure would recomend for a mobile computer running on Windows 8?

Thank you.


  • Bayani
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    Sorry for late reply.


    I am not sure if TPM is supported but we can check it out and get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Bayani
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    Hello again,


    I have now received the following answer:


    "TPM is pretty old and commonly used allready, and according to our lead software engineer, we should allready be aware of the problems, if there are any."


    So there shouldn't be any problems with the compatibility but TPM is on the other hand not a requirement for running Internet Security 2014.

  • pebal
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    Hi, Thanks for your response to the interoperability of TPM v1.2 and F-Secure's Interent Security 2014. Can I assume the the F-Secure has not tested these systems in their lab?


    And a second question if I may. I am a Windows XP user who must upgrade to new harware and software. If I decide on a laptop, would I be able to tranfer my subscription to the laptop? And if so, how would I do that? If not, will I have to change my subscription to F-Secure Mobile Security?



  • Laksh
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    Hi Pebal,


    If you are already using FSIS 2014 on a Win XP computer and would like to transfer it to a new laptop with Win 8, Yes, You can transfer the license to the new laptop as long as the license is valid.


    You can just proceed to uninstall the program from the Win xp computer and reinstall the FSIS 2014 on the new Win 8 laptop with the same subscription key.



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