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It clearly states in the description of the features of the program for F-Secure Internet Security 2014 that on the 'statistics' page you will be able to view the web sites that the program blocked during the varioustime  intervals listed, from the current day up to the entire year. However, when I go to the page, all I can view are the numerical data for how many websites were visited and how many were blocked. There is no link, button, hyperlink, or other indication of how to have the program reveal just which websites are on the list of blocked sites. I did a Community search, and found only 1 post from last Fall from someone with the same issue. This user was told to open a help ticket and then get back to the responder once that was done, though I don't see how that prevented the responder from listing possible causes for this glitch. The user who made the complaint apparently never upend a ticket, and the question was never really addressed. I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, service pack 1. An answer and solution would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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    I've only seen that described in the help file, but unfortunately I think it's incorrect. Probably because F-Secure doesn't log any personal information like browsing history.


    The count for the blocked "web sites" BTW is somewhat confusing because it also counts all URLs used in a web page, for example javscripts. So it may not even be a visible block. A thread about it here 

    So even if the blocked URL was logged, it may not be that useful anyway.


    If the web site you're visiting(the URL in the browser address field) is blocked, you'll see a message about it as with this F-Secure test site:

    If only part of a web site(ie javascript) is blocked, you won't see any message. And sometimes even when the main URL is blocked you won't see any message. This safe test URL(for an EXE file) will in Firefox show a blank page with title "403 Forbidden" and increase the count of the statistics "Potentially harmful web sites blocked" in Online Safety: (AMTSO = Anti-MalwareTesting Standards Organization)

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