I have scanned my computer for malware with the program SpyHunter 4. This program found 2400 threats which F-Secure Intenet could not find.
Why can not F-Secure Internet find them and delete them?


I use:

F-Secure Internet 2014 – 1.99 build 192

Windows 7 Home Premium version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)


SpyHunter 4.jpg









Accepted Answer


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    SpyHunter has a little bit of a dubious background, and if you search on Google (or other search engines), you'll find mixed results, with some considering it as 'rogue anti-spyware' or 'scareware'.  These types of programs usually 'discover' lots of 'malware' that other, more legitimate anti-malware applications don't, but will not remove these items of 'malware' without the program being purchased.  My personal theory is that either the supposed malware doesn't exist, or it was planted there by the anti-malware program itself, in order to scare users into purchasing it so as to 'clean' their machines.


    Now, I'm not stating categorically that you should ignore what SpyHunter claims to have found, but I would certainly recommend scanning with a few other scanners, such as BitDefender and Malwarebytes, before you decide how to proceed.

  • pazpaz Posts: 6
    Thank you for your quick response. I have now scanned my PC with both and Malwarebytes found 113 malware.
  • pazpaz Posts: 6
    Thank you for the advise. It seem that SpyHunter it self is a spy hunter with a lot of malware.
  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 517 Superuser

    do not trust spyhunter, same for iobit but you can rely on malwarebyte free.

  • pazpaz Posts: 6
    Why can,t I trust iobit
  • BlackcatBlackcat Posts: 511
  • pazpaz Posts: 6
    Thank you I see
  • pazpaz Posts: 6
    I used iobit uninstaler to uninstall SpyHunter. Do you have any comments to this
  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 517 Superuser

    I tried it myself: it filled my rig with 16 PUPs I could not get rid of, had to restore my rig as I luckily had a recent restore point, it happened in february

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