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Hi Everyone,


I'm wondering how I can setup my phone for only using VPN for any dataconnection. And block any data, when VPN is not avaible.

There is a gap, and this means also a security risk, when I start my phone, until the VPN connection is established. And also when I leave my wifi, and the phone is switching to mobile data. In this timeframe, the VPN has to reconnect and other data could be transmitted outside the VPN.

My mobile is rooted, with CyanogenMod 11, XPrivacy and an Firewall based on DroidWall (which btw is not working with VPN enabled).


Thanks for help!


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    Hi @Sament 


    I've moved your post to the new Freedome board, to make it easier to locate and follow-up on issues with Freedome.


    I see that you haven't received any replies on this topic - have you managed to solve this somehow?  If you still need help, I'd be happy to escalate this for you.



    // Chrissy

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