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I'm probably out of tune but I hope someone again will give me useful tips: I applied for beta testiing program about a month ago, I then received a "unique customer ID", nothing else till 04/04 under the form of a noreply mail informing me a new beta download was  available...

#1 where is such a file to be dl ?

#2 does this mean i've been enisted as a beta tester ?

thank you


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    Have you tried logging in here?



    There is an ISTP beta program there (which is currently more or less the same as FSIS 2015 Alpha or Pre-Beta version test)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    I've been there before posting, all I get is this:

    "Your application has been submitted and is being reviewed. You will receive an email notification once we have reviewed your application. Thank you for applying F-Secure Beta Piloting Team"

    how can they answer this way and send me an information a new beta is to be tested ? IMO if I'm not accepted as a beta tester, I'm not supposed to receive this ! if I am, why the hell didn't they inform me and give me relevant dl links ?


    here is the mail I received:

    We are releasing a new version of F-Secure Internet Security Technology Preview (ISTP107) today! This version provides small changes to Computer Security along with multiple bug fixes for the issues reported from previous versions. Please refer to the release notes for the full list of changes.
    If you encounter any issues with the latest version, please report them through as soon as possible"

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    Hi yeoldfart!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Now you should be able to participate on Internet Security Technology Preview beta program.

    Best regards,




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    @ Eemeil

    would you mind being more explicit ? what am I suppose to expect or do now ?

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    Hi!  Just a note that I've moved this message to the Beta board of the Community.




    // Chrissy

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