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After a bad experience, we have now installed on an iPad "F-Secure" Child Safe.  But when we type in the same search that caused the orginal problem ("string" -- something a child might be interested in) we get the same tidal wave of nasty images (i.e. in the Google images tab).  I was kind of expecting that somehow Child Safe would prevent this -- I'm not naive and understand some of the complexities of safety on the Internet and as well, the need for parental responsibility.


Am I missing anything here?  Basically searching for something simple like "string" might bring vile material into the home -- there's no way around it?  F-Secure can't help?


Thanks for any advice.




  • NikK
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    Have you configured it to block these content types?


    Does this only occur when searching for images?


    I don't use Child Safe myself but perhaps the User Guide might be of help.

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  • Simon
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    I see what you mean about the search term, although, the images that I saw just through straight Google were not pornographic or illegal, but were images "modelling" certain types of garment associated with the term. However, I don't feel that such images are "child safe", so I do support your concerns in this regard.

    I don't use the app myself, but I do believe F-Secure Child Safe has certain filtering and configurations settings. Have you looked at these to see if they can be tightened up a bit?
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