Mobile fraud in Spain

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If you travel to Spain for holiday be careful with your contacts with the operators.

I took a prepaid mobile connection with internet 2.50 per day when used, calls

within Spain 0.08 €/min and 1000 SMS/month.

Paid 20€.

In about 30 seconds their system sent 6 SMS to some Romanian number, each

charged 0,73€ + automatic SMS (the F-Secure security feature) to a given nomber,

which was OK,

Then I began receiving SMS messages in sequencies altogether about

70 (yes- seventy).

In three minutes I could kiss goodbye to my 20€.

This looked like a genuine YUR MOBILE fraud.

Very efficient indeed!

This was a "respectable" operator, operating in France, England and Spain.


The girls, two of them, spoke only spanish.


I managed later to get a listing of my "calls". That was clearly a mistake - they

were rather nervous of the whole business...


If you travel there the best would be to go to a cafe ask for a WIFI-connection,

that they have almost everywhere. - and it'ss free! 

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