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When logging on to my banking sites I used to get a F Secure banner pop up across the top of the screen indicating the security was active. Since downloading an update from F Secure some time ago (or at least I think I did, but have deleted these emails) I no longer get this. Has something changed or should I still get the banner pop up?

Regards Legion


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Have you checked to see if Banking Protection is switched on? From Launch Pad, go to Online Safety > Settings > Banking Protection to check.

    If that's all OK, then check that you have the latest version of your browser, and also check that the Online Safety Add-on is enabled. Let us know which browser you use if you want further help with that.
  • Legion
    Legion Posts: 4

    Well Mr Esteemed Contributor I can see now why your held in such Esteem because you are dead right it wasnt turned on!

    Please have pity on a poor old technofobe.

    Now who the hell turned it OFF!

    Oh on the other hand better keep quite because it could well have been ME! ha ha

    Thanks again

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