I have a problem since 3-4 weeks. Ping.exe is running in the background on my PC and uses 75-99% of the processor capacity and a lot of internal memory. I have read a lot and it seems to be a trojan or a malware. F-secure did not identify it and I have tried a lot of free malware trojan remover program without any success. I kill the Ping.exe process in the task manager every 5 minute but it keeps on coming back. Any advice from you is very much appreciated.


Using Windows XP Home edition SP3 on an old COMPAQ 88060se Pentium 4 3,2Ghz and 2Gb internal memory 


Thanks in advance!

Brgds Micke


  • upload trojan to the analysis or contact with support(open ticket)

  • I am having the same issue.  I can't find what is calling it, either.  I get F-Secure through Charter cable, they suggested installing and reinstalling which I did.  I have all the latest virus definitions.


  • Micke
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    Ping.exe is normally a windows system file and I'm not sure the file is infected. I believe another file is triggering ping.exe to open but it can not be found by any antimalware or antivirus software. I have also a fully updated F-secure Internet security and antivirus software installed.


    Snowcat, any luck with your investigation?


    Brgds Micke

  • It is part of one infection called Trojan.Zeroaccess It will not allow as to reset the WINSOCK on the computer.

    Norton Released one Fix tool for this one.

    DOwnload and run the Tool. ZeroAccess Removal Tool (32-bit only) – ZeroAccess Removal Tool - Kaspersky Labs ZeroAccess Removal Tool-


    YouCan check the removal instruction for this infection

  • Try to see this video for a quick instruction on how to actually disable this ping.exe.. image


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