"is not a valid win32 application"


So i downloaded the F-Secure startup download (if it makes any difference i am with virgin media) and yet when i open the download it returns a message saying:


...is not a valid win32 application


any help on what this means and how it can be solved?


many thanks


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    The download may have got corrupt, or you downloaded a version not for Windows. Try again from the SAFE Portal 

    If it still doesn't work, try from another browser.

    If you're running XP you could also try right-click the file and select Properties and click Unblock if there's such a button.

    If nothing works, what is the file size of the downloaded file?

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  • Blahdyblah

    it says the file size is 0 bytes...,




  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    What browser do you have and did you try from another browser? What Windows version?


    Test another download as a reference, right click this link and save the file. Then check its file size:





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