Is there a RAT on my computer?


A little under two weeks ago, I downloaded what was supposed to be a job application from a link I got in a craigslist email. My anti virus shut it down because it detected a worm, but it said the worm was removed and no action was required. However, every time I have opened my computer since then, I get a notification that my anti virus blocked an attack from the same IP address. Since then, I tried to use my webcam twice and it said it was already in use, although I didn't have any other programs open. I uninstalled several applications, including one that was installed on the day that I opened the "job application" that I don't remember authorizing. I restarted my computer but the webcam was still in use. This made me uncomfortable so I put a sticker over the camera. After doing this, I tried opening the webcam again and had no issue (the video was blank white because of the sticker but it was working fine). This was yesterday and I have tried using the webcam periodically since then to test it and it works fine now that there is a sticker over it. I ran a scan on my computer with my anti virus and it said there was a problem called "shadesrat" that it found and removed. (This may or may not have anything to do with the issue at hand.) I don't know if the webcam started working because I got rid of something malicious, because I covered the webcam and the RAT has no use for it anymore, or because there was never any problem in the first place. Do you think there could still be something wrong or was there ever? What would you do in this situation?


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