Missing icons in Launchpad with Windows 8.1



Launchpad on my Windows 8.1 machine only shows 2 icons (Search and F-Secure).  I tried reinstalling but had the same problem.  By the way with another Windows 7 machine I got all 5 icons showing ie.  Computer Security, Online Safety, Safe Profile, Search and F-Secure. 


Any advice would be appreciated as I need to access the 'Online Safety' function on the Windows 8.1 machine.





  • Vernon
    Vernon Posts: 2

    Hi Simon,


    Many thanks for your quick reply!


    You were right about removing other anti-virus products.  Mine is a new laptop with Norton pre installed.  I also I had not rebooted the PC after initial installation.  When I did that I got the 'detecting conflicting software' message but it got stuck.  I then followed your advice and manually deinstalled Norton anti-virus.  I then rebooted the PC (again) and voila! - it worked.  I now have all the F-secure icons showing.


    Best regards,


  • Simon
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    Glad to have helped! :)
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