Reinstalling F-Secure after Re installing Opperating System


Hi Everyone ,

  I recently upgraded to a Solid State Harddrive and re installed Windows Opperating System . I was unable to log into F-Secure to re install the security software . After chatting to F-Secure Support , who gave me a few articles to read , I noticed that the time set on the computer was one hour ahead of the correct time , I reset the time to the correct value and I was then able to reinstall F-Secure without any problems .


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Thanks for sharing the solution! 


    With "unable to log into F-Secure", are you referring to the SAFE Portal? And do you remember a specific error message?

    More information may help others with similar problems. Perhaps also the recommended articles by support.

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