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I have just renewed my subscrition and installed the latest version of F-Secure antivirus (running v1.99 build 192 according to the About screen).  Since this update I keep getting F-Secure messages from Windows Action Centre saying "Your computer is not protected" and when I go to the F-Secure control panel thingy there is a red cross against "Check for latest updates".  The last successful update check is shown as today though, and if I go to Tools and manually update, it says everything is up to date after doing its online check, but the error message does not go away.  This persists after a reboot. 


Any help gratefully received as this is getting a bit annoying now!




  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Right click the F-Secure icon in the systray and select "Open common settings". There you'll see all downloads and status.

    A possible cause could be that updates were in fact downloaded but can't be installed. Also if your computer date & time settings in Windows are not correct, it can result in updates not being recognized.


    Also check that your new subscription is registered: right click F-Secure icon and select "View my subscriptions"


    You could also try to re-install F-Secure.

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