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Is there any future plans to implement similar feature to consumers products like F-Secure SAFE


  • Miska
    Miska Posts: 1

    I have the home computer on the table and have had F-secure manyt years. Now the quite new protection wants to do updates yesterday and today all the time. It can't stop. How I have to do with it?


    Sävy Nordgrén



    I took my own page here too.

    Thank you!


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  • alconsvr
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    I had the same problem with the last 2 versions of FSIS, and had to take drastic measure of going back to 2011. Losing work data when the update happened in the middle of doing something was not an option. I suggest that you right click on the tray icon and click on help. Look for the explanation of gaming mode. The option to enable 'Gaming mode' is in the same menu that you right clicked for the help menu. Make sure a check mark is on. This works for me. FSIS 2014 will update every time you start your PC. Hope this helps.

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