How can I recover my password in F secure

I really need help because i forgot my password  of the app is there any way to recover it fast



need help 



  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to say, but there is no password recovery option for the master password. Unfortunately, even with a password manager, there is still the one password you need to remember. I do hope you manage to figure it out.



  • If i change the sim of the phone it requires password but i already forget the password what can i do its already lock

  • Changing the sim on the phone shouldn't affect fs-key in any way. Are you maybe talking about f-secure mobile security and not fs-key? If you are talking about mobile security, I can try to redirect your question to another section of the forum.



  • what would be the possible solution to the problem ..? Can i delete the app ? but when i tried it it wont work

  • Can you clarify what app you are talking about? This section of the forum is about fs-key, a password manager. I think you might be talking about mobile security, a security application for mobile with antivirus and theft.-prevention etc.



  • Can you redirect me please . Its F secure on mobile



  • Yes i forgot my mobile sexurity code this is a wrong place :3 can you redirect me to the right place thanks Smiley Very Happy

  • I alerted the moderators of your plight, I am certain your post will be moved to a more related section in the forum sometime soon and an awesome product expert will pick up your case.




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    @emperorI moved the whole thread to a more relevant board. 


    Concerning the problem at hand kindly refer to AniaC's post to contact Support, reset security code cases have to be handled outside of the F-Secure Community.


    For alternative way to unlock your mobile, refer to the following post:



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