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How do I stop f-secure launching automatically  alongside internet explorer/google. Probably just a few clicks here and there but it is beyond my talents.Any help in words of one syllable please.Thankyou.


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    Double click the F-Secure icon to open Launch Pad.

    Go to Online Safety > Settings > Browsing Protection (screenshot below), then click the green button in the top right corner to turn off.




    It would be advisable to leave it on, though.  Smiley Wink

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    Also you can mean that point:



    If yes - it's mean to know your version of Browser;

    But commonly can to help next steps:

      - Need to find settings about "addons" in browser (Internet Explorer - settings - addons);

      - Next need to find here settings about "search engines";

      - And clean it;



    Or visit page about documentation-page about your version of F-Secure; And will try to find information about it;

    Now - I look documenation about F-Secure Internet Security 2014;


    It's have next points (and about another browsers too):


    "9.3.1 Removing Safe Search from Internet Explorer
    Follow these instructions if you want to stop using Safe Search in Internet Explorer.
     1. Open Windows Control Panel.


     2. Open Network and Internet > Internet Options. The Internet Properties window opens.


     3. To remove Safe Search as your default home page, follow these instructions:

      a) In Internet Properties, open the General tab.

      b) Under Home page, click Use default.

     4. In Internet Properties, open the Programs tab.


     5. Click Manage add-ons. The Manage Add-ons window opens.


     6. To stop using Safe Search as your search provider, follow these instructions:

       a) In Manage Add-ons, select Search Providers.

       b) Select Safe Search.

       c) Click Remove.

     7. To remove the Safe Search toolbar, follow these instructions:

      a) In Manage Add-ons, select Toolbars and Extensions.

      b) Select Safe Search.

      c) Click Disable.
    Note: Uninstall Safe Search to remove the Safe Search search engine and the toolbar completely"


    Sorry - if you about another things talking.

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    Hi dimbo!

    Are you still in need of help, or did either of these answers solve your issue? If so, please choose one and "Accept as Solution."

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