F-secure fails to run

I installed F-secure via Virgin Media about 4 months ago. Up till now it has run perfectly, but today it is not running and will not open. The only things that have changed since yesterday (when it was working fine) is that I have installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Premier elements 12. I am using a PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 2. (I did not switch F-Secure off before installing the Adobe software). Suggestions welcome! 


  • Simon
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    OK, to start with the very basics. have you rebooted?


    Are you getting any warnings from Windows that no anti-virus is running?

  • Yes, I have rebooted, and yes I am getting a message from Windoes "Turn on Computer Security Important". I then get asked if i want tor run F-Secure. Say yes, and nothing happens.

  • Ukko
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    What about F-Secure Launch Pad - do you have that?


    If it's have and if I correctly understand:


     - broken auto-launch during start system;

     - nothing happenes - if click and try to open "F-Secure Launch Pad";



    •  Can you check "auto-run"-settins (like msconfig or another steps) - maybe it's "cleaning"?
    •  How long you wait loading? Maybe system in overload and F-Secure simply hard to visulisation-work;  Can you to manual-scan by context-menu anything?
    • Maybe also "troubles" between new programms and F-Secure (if it's like that - can you to check any Windows Logs about crashes?)
    •  Maybe some else things, which you understand about situation? For example, what you try to do for launch F-Secure? And also - yesterday new programs and F-Secure work together and all fine (I correctly understand that fact)? Between last "good work situation" and "currently troubles" (yesterday/today) - nothing (it's mean - do not use PC in that time)?
    •  By default Windows settings about "manage"/uninstall/install programs - must be F-Secure in list - and if it's to choose - must be function about "repair"?

    Or something another.

    Sorry about my reply - it's maybe big text about nothing. Just not certainly understand - what happened and what about for example some suggestions like "auto-run-settings" for services/etc. by F-Secure.



  • NikK
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    If you click the F-Secure icon on the systray(or double-click F-Secure icon on the desktop) and click Computer Security, what does it say?

    Status descriptions:


  • Problem fixed. Tried reinstalling from my drive, nothing happened. Ran reinstall from the F-secure site then rebooted. Working fine now.  

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Great.  thumb.gif  If you could 'Accept as Solution' the post most relevent, that may help anyone else with a similar issue.


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