F-Secure and Firefox 3.6 won't work

Hello everyone,


I just installed F-Secure 2012 today and now my Firefox 3.6 won't work anymore.


No Problems until yesterday with same Firefox and F-Secure 2011.


Any suggestions? Help would be greatly appreciated ;o)

Thanks in advance,



  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 595

    Hi justauser,

    I have moved this post to Protection board.


    Best Regards,

  • Hi Matthias,


    thanks for the advice. I'll do that whilst the new installation (SSD/Win 7 Ultimate), appx. next week.


    As for now, I went back to my old restore point, and reinstalled the 2011 version.

    This old XP-workhorse got far too many nuts and bolts added to it, to be replaced at once, ... ;o)

    I didn't delete the 2011 version before installing the 2012 version. So maybe that was the reason.


    Thanks again Matthias for your kind reply and effort to do so!

    I really appreciate it!



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