I am having trouble with filezilla after having installed f-secure. can I get any help with this?


hi...  I have been having trouble with filezilla since I installed the f-secure... it is connecting fine, but it is failing to stor files which I try to upload. 

Is there any specific action I need to take in order to ensure that f-secure will alow filezilla to upload files onto the server?


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    Hi Aliyahgator,

    I have move this post to Protection board.

    Please advise more details, for example:
    - Which F-Secure program you have?
    - Any error message?

    Try to narrow down the issue by turn off the F-Secure program temporary and upload a file.


    Best Regards,

  • 2eemeli
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    For standard FTP you shouldn't need to make any rules to the Firewall.


    Sounds like you make an active FTP connecting. For that you need to make firewall rules.


    You need to go to advanced settings and add the rule you need. There are ready made services you just need to add.


    Steps how to trouble shout firewall problems:


    Deactivate firewall and test, if it works use steps below. If service is no working issue is most likely not in the firewall and you need to try to deactivate feature by feature and test.


    1. Make a rule which allows all traffic both directions
    2. make the rule writing alerts
    3. connect to the service which failed and see if it works
    4. check the log and if needed add the rules
    5. remove the allow all rule once you are ready



  • MJ-perComp
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    Check in F-Secures advanced settings/networking/application control

    find filezilla and ensure that it is allowed to allow to act as server AND client!!!

    Then you should not need additional rules.



  • SenexDomum

    I've had similar trouble but with a variety of FTP clients. I used to just pop files into a Windows folder and they went straight on to my websites. Now I just get an error message and other FTP clients are unreliable (FileZilla and FireFTp for Firefox). This all started after On-line Security was updated on 1st November. Before that everything was OK. It's nothing to do with the firewall. Turning it off makes no difference. The above suggestion doesn't work either (if I understand it correctly).

  • SenexDomum

    I have just uninstalled Online Security and the problems have gone away. The way to do this is to open theControl  Panel (I'm on Windows XP) select Add/Remove Programs and select F-Secure Launch Pad and click Change/Remove. Make sure Computer Secuurity is not ticked in the options and Online Security is and then uninstall (can't quite recall what the button label is.)


    This assumes you can manage without Online Security.

  • JohnPGreen

    Thank you, SenexDomum! Doing what you said finally cleared up the FTP upload slow down issued I'd had. 


    Too bad I didn't realize this before (a) contacting my web host, (b) contacting my ISP, (c) considering chaging my web host, (d) pulling out some hair.


    I should've just kept the 2011 F-Secure installed (which was a pain to upgrade from anyway!)

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