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Smiley Madwhy is it that f-secure can not fined one infected object and malwarebytes  can find  86 infected objects????

and best of all  it is free


  • MJ-perComp
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    WHAT did malwarebytes find. Without this information it is difficult to say.


  • not sure yet as  malwarebytes' anti-malware is still running

  • patet
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    If you want you can submit files to F-Secure for more advanced analysis here: https://analysis.f-secure.com

  • Jeps,


    might be intresting what was found.

  • this is what it say's   mbam log

    memory proccesses infected: 0

    memory modules infected:       0

    registry keys infected:                57

    registry values infected:              0

    registry data items infected:       0

    folders infected:                            0

    files infected:                                29



  • Have to say it doesn't tell a lot.



    Very hard to compare if there is a real virus or just a difference in classification.



  • how registry key can be infected Smiley Surprised

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