Problems Installing on Multiple Machines (Virgin Media)

At the start of the New Year Virgin Media started using F Secure as their computer security program and scrapped their own service, that would let me install it onto 5 computers and it was really useful so I was hoping for the same result with F Secure, I installed it on my main laptop computer just fine, but I want to install it on my family's other computers and have no subscription key in order to do so, as far as I can see.


I apologize if I've missed something obvious, but I've looked around in the program and all I can find is an Account ID and a Device ID, but no actual subscription number (if that's even what you would call it) to install it on other machines, and it says it'll work on every device. Any support here would be greatly appreciated, as my family's computers are unprotected which is especially bad for my daughter's netbook computer, which she does not maintain at all so a program like this is essential.


Thank you in advance for any help.


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    You don't need a subscription key, as it's all done through the SAFE Portal, once you've initially registered via the link in your Virgin Media portal.  Please see this Sticky Topic for more information on changing from VMS to F-Secure.  :)

  • I googled the Portal earlier but it required a username to log in, I have the software installed on my PC but can't seem to find what mine is, even when searching in my e-mail to see if it was sent that way. I had hoped my Device ID would count but it doesn't seem to have, as it sent a password e-mail that I never got which tells me said username was incorrect.


    I'm not very computer savvy, as you can probably tell.

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    Not being a Virgin customer, I've not done this myself, but I believe you have to login to your Virgin Account portal (with your Virgin login details), and there you should find a link to the F-Secure SAFE portal, where you have to initially register - this is a separate registration / login to your Virgin Account.  I assume that you then receive the subscription for the free year for up to 5 devices with F-Secure SAFE (if you have downloaded FS Internet Security from any other source, or not via the Virgin link, you won't get the free year).


    Does that help?

  • I went to My Virgin Media, logged in and went to "My Apps" clicked Internet Security and was then directed to F Secure from there on another machine, but it simply asked me for the F Secure portal username again, which is the vital piece of information that I don't seem to have, even in my e-mails. I keep running into dead ends here.


    Is there no way I can just e-mailed the user name if I have forgotten it? I must have one to have it installed on the laptop. 

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    Is there not a 'Forgotten Password' link on the F-Secure SAFE page you're trying to log in on?  There is on the normal SAFE Portal page, but that's not coming from the Virgin Media login.  The user name would be the email address with which you registered.  Where did you get the download from for your current F-Secure installation?


    Maybe your best bet would be to raise a Suppprt Ticket with F-Secure?  Sorry I can't help any further, but there's not a lot we can do about password issues on here.  Smiley Sad

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    Hi OneOfGoodTaste!

    Did you end up finding a solution to this, or opening a support ticket?
    Please let us know if you still need help, or if it's solved, let us know how you got things working, so it might help others in the same situation :)

    // Chrissy
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