conflicting security product ??? - FSIS 2012 Installation problem

FSIS 2011 was working fine. During installation of FSIS 2012 an error occur.  Conflicting security product should be deinstalled manually, but no product name was show. In the system configuration no secure product could be identified.


No chance to install FSIS 2012. When trying to install the older version having the same error with the unidentified conflicting products.


Now the machine is without any F-Secure firewall???


Any Suggestions?




  • Stephan
    Stephan Posts: 340 Influencer

    Hi Norbertt,


    There might be a broken installation that can not be removed automatically.

    Please try our uninstallation tool:


    After the tool ran and you rebooted your machine, please try installing again.


    Best regards,


  • Thanks, Stephan, for prompt reply.


    FSIS 2012 is working fine and accepted the old key and the expiration date is shown correct. 

    But when I added a new key it was checked and accecpted too but the date of expiration was not extended.



    Best regards


  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 490 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Norbertt,

    I would suggest you to open a Support Ticket for further assistances, kindly include both your subscription keys together with your ticket.


    Best Regards,

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