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I purchased f-Secure IS 30/12/2013 ( ord no xxxxxxxx) and i have now decided on a new computer which will be coming in the next few days. so i need to upgrade from 1 computer for 1 year to 3 computers for 1 year.

so if you would be so kind and point me in the right direction to achieve  this.

I have tried the chat line and phone a few times but had no response from either.

many thanks



- Order number removed - keep those details private :) - Stephan, F-Secure Team


  • NikK
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    If you don't get any other replies you could try submitting a support request:


    Or maybe you could sell your existing subscription and then buy a 3 license. Switching license to another computer works for multiple licenses so I guess it should work for a 1 license as well.

    But a confirmation from F-Secure on this would be appreciated.

  • Simon
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    I second Nik's suggestion of purchasing a 3 user license, but to avoid any complications with the single licence, perhaps a friend or relative could share the cost of the 3x license and use one subscription on their machine?
  • Thanks for the quick replies,  with my license only a month old and I will be still using my old computer on my network I was exploring if I could save some money, by the way do you know if the chat line works because I was unable to get a response from it.

    maybe I will raise a support question

    many thanks

  • Simon
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    Essentially, you need two more licenses. To put it bluntly, there's no reason why F-Secure should offer these to you at a discount, but if you search around on the web, there are places where licenses are sometimes available cheaper, such as Amazon and eBay, but be careful with eBay, and make sure that you purchase genuine licenses from a reputable seller, or you could run into problems. :)
  • Thanks for your reply Simon, will look into your suggestions.

  • Simon
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    Just to add, you don't need to purchase 2014 licenses, as older ones will still license the 2014 products, as long as it's like for like (ie, an FS Anti-Virus key won't license FS Internet Security).
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