MAC MALWARE - OSX /LaoShu-A, New Flashback, iOS malware and more...

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There is a new malware, called OSX/LaoShu-A please take note. Currently only Sophos and Macscan (Macscan is only detecting spyware for Mac OS X) detected this.


Please read the details below:-



A must read links:-


I recommend Thomas Reed



Okay, next up Flashback botnet issues Which was reported by Intego's blog.



Dr web reported on iOS malware.





Bookmark this for Adware Removal for Mac OS X!



Currently known OS X malwares.





  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,019 Influencer

    Please read the links that was given above.


    Because I cannot cut and paste here for you to read.


    This is critical.


    Once you are aware, and happens that your Mac is infected.


    You know where to look out for information.


    Hope this will be helpful to you.


    Also take note that Mac OS X Adware is very common infection. Check the link above to remove the adware.


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