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having downloaded the free trail I can only access my regular sites via the Mozilla fire fox search engine , when I click on them from the desktop some work and some don't, but using the Mozilla its ok iits just that I cant save a site to desk top as it doesn't have that option. any help with this would be much appreciated thanks


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    If you downloaded Internet Security it may be a problem with the browser add-on. Do you get an error message or just "page not found"? Does it work with Internet Explorer?


    If you check add-ons in Firefox it should look like this, "Online Safety" is F-Secure:



    Info on how to reinstall browser extensions and test Browsing Protection:

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  • thanks for that info, but in the meantime before reading that i have un installed firefox and fsecure thinking that reinstalling may help , but oh no now i am worse of cant reinstall because my computer  warns me that both apps contain viruses and have been deleted so a bit stuck at the moment i can get basic internet but no access to sites that require passwords like to check my email or even log into this site , i have to use my wifes laptop.

    Any ideas thanks


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    If you removed F-Secure, what product warned you about viruses and deleted both apps?


    I suggest you scan your computer with these free scanners:  (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)


    None of the above sites require registration or passwords.

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