F-Secure Online Scanner: All You Wanted To Know

deekourtsman Posts: 21 F-Secure Product Expert

Here you will find all relevant information about F-Secure Online Scanner available for free download from our site:




If something is missing, feel free to ask.


  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    Nice post.  


    BUT I still would not recommend this scanner to average users. Even with the system restore point I still do not like the automatic cleaning aspect. And most users would not go anywhere near any Rescue Media.


    Most average users do not even check that there is a relevant system tray icon or that their AV is up to-date. Further, I suspect lots of Virgin Media customers have incomplete F-Secure installations on their computers (no Computer Security) with not a care in the world.


    So I would still like user interaction if any potential malware is found.

  • deekourtsman
    deekourtsman Posts: 21 F-Secure Product Expert

    Well, let's confess - most average users do not (and should not) care much about security and malware. The very fact that user runs Online Scanner indicates that she is aware of what malware is capable of, and cares about keeping machine clean, or there is someone who cares (just like I sometimes run OLS on parent's machine to make sure they don't have some tricky rootkit or keylogger). And for those "above the average" users we keep things simple and even primitive at first glance, but provide a way to recover if something bad happens.


    And when OLS was about to launch we, too, worried that users would not accept such a concept. But UX labs and then the real life usage demonstrated that users are generally ok with silent remediation.


  • kaydee3
    kaydee3 Posts: 1

    will oline scanner ever be compatable with mac?

  • deekourtsman
    deekourtsman Posts: 21 F-Secure Product Expert

    We will make Online Scanner compatible with Mac as soon as there will be malware compatible with Mac :)  So far, MacOS/iOS is so safe comparing to Android or Windows, we don't see a real need to have OLS ported.



  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    @deekourtsman If not me, I guess someone else would have asked this question sooner or later regarding that statement:


    Isn't iOS the only safe one since there are lots of antivirus products for OS X including F-Secure's own "Anti-virus for Mac"?

  • deekourtsman
    deekourtsman Posts: 21 F-Secure Product Expert

    Ok, you got me :) Let me put it other way: so far, no work for OLS on Mac OSes. Online Scanner specializes in bootkits and rookits, the stuff not handled by traditional anti-viruses. On Windows platforms, it complements our (or other vendors) software. On Mac OSes, existing anti-viruses cover everything, so no need to complement.

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Thanks for clarifying!

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