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My wife works from home and downloads assignments from her employer. Their downloading system creates a unique .exe file as part of each download. Deepscan is picking this up as a "rare appliocation" (you cannot get rarer than unique, I suppose) and we are unable to complete the download. The only way round this I have found so far is to switch off F-secure before each download session. I also have to make sure Internet Explorer's Smartscreen Filter is turned off. Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this as I am concerned about the risk of genuine viruses coming through during the download.


  • NikK
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    I assume you mean Deepguard. It will alert and ask whenever it detects an "unknown" application. That does not mean it's a malicious file, only that it is not known or not commonly used.

    When it asks and you select "I trust the application" it means you can continue to use it, BUT it will still be monitored by Deepguard for malicious activities. The other thing that happens when you trust it is that the application is allowed to make internet connections.

    So you shouldn't need to switch F-Secure off.


    IE's Smartscreen filter is a different thing. I suggest you scan the file on which is a multi-engine scanner. F-Secure is one of 48 scanners there so if it's infected surely some scanners will detect something. Be aware that scanning with that many engines increases the risk of false-positives(wrongly identified as infected).

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    You should uncheck DeepGuard's automatic handling in Computer Security's(or Anti-Virus's) settings.
    (Well, as I remember it had such option, I'm using beta version and it has not. )
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