Freedome: licensed by device or by customer?

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Will I need to purchase a Freedome license for each device that uses Freedome?  Or will I be able to purchase a "family" or "household" license for all devices that are used within the same account?


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    Sorry Smiley Tongue

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    See here;




    EDIT; To avoid confusion, this post is not for the thread starter; Janiashvili questioned whether this product existed and then edited his post.

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    Freedome is currently available for Android only, but the iOS client will be made publicly available in the near future and the Windows and Mac versions later this year. (Please sign up for the waiting list and we notify you when new supported platforms are available in your country: In the very beginning, we are not able to provide subscriptions by customer covering all platforms, but the capability will be soon under works.

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    If I have an Android phone and an Android tablet, would this require two subscription fees?
  • I have an iPhone, Mac and android phone. I recently purchased subscription for my iPhone. Can I also use the same subscription for my MacBook and android phone please?
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    Thank you for the subscription.


    In the future, we will support subscriptions that cover multiple platforms. The details will be confirmed next month, but naturally we aim to make it as smooth as possible to our existing customers to start protecting also their other devices.



    Päivi, Freedome team

  • Hi,


    I bought a yearly subscription for my Android(Sony ). But now i have moved to IOS(Ipad Air). How do I migrate my subscription to this new device ???




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    Unfortunately the subscriptions cannot be "moved" from one store to another yet. As Päivi stated above, we're working on changing that in the future but we don't have the details on that yet. 


    What you need to do now is to cancel the yearly subscription from the Google Play (if you're no longer using Android devices where you'd use our product) and make a new subscription to Apple's Appstore.




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    Päivi kirjoitti tuossa edellä, että tässä kuussa elil syyskuussa 2014 tulisi tarkempia tietoja käyttäjäkohtaisesta lisensoinnista. Käytän iPadia, Android-puhelinta ja muutamaa Windows-konetta. Koekäyttöjaksoni iPadilla päättyi tällä viikolla. Kannattaako odottaa kuun loppuun noita luvattuja tarkempia tietoja ja käyttäjäkohtaista lisenssiä vai tilata alustakohtainen lisenssi? Onko tässä kuussa tulossa vasta tietoja käyttäkohtaisesta lisensoinnista vai tuleeko se jo käyttöön?

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    Käyttäjäkohtaiset tilaukset on tarkoitus saada tehtyä tämän vuoden puolella ja tässä kuussa ollaan siis vasta suunnittelutasolla. Vielä kannattaa siis ottaa laitekohtainen lisenssi.




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    Here is a translation for non-Finnish speakers:

    The feature to support orders per user is still at design stage, so currently you will need to purchase device/platform specific license.

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