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After much patience and 2/3 days of trying to add my lap top to the desk top pc  F security (including ringing virgin tech support and F Secure on line chat to no avail) I have just got my second device connected up.This is how I finally succeeded:

Log into F Secure on main device where you have it installed. .(Persevere as it would not accept my e mail for some time.Do not use automaically produced e mail but keep typing in manually)

Eventually sent a" new password " link to my e mail.lNow you can log into F Secure and go to "My Safe" (in green top left) Go to Manage Security

Click "install" on windows (or "mobile"  or "mac osx" or chosen add on device)

This will generate email.Go to e mails on chosen add on device (in my case lap top)  Click on link to install and hey presto you are connected to F secure on your licence

Hope this helps 


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    Hi patience, thanks so much for sharing this with our Community! The conversion from VM security has not proceeded as smoothly as hoped, and it's great to have input from our users that might help out someone else having trouble!

    Let us know if you run into any other issues, and maybe another helpful Community member here has the answers you need Smiley Very Happy
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