Ways to protect an external hard drive?

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Are there any ways to protect, or isolate, an external USB hard drive, while it remains connected to the computer?


I'm asking in relation to backups, and the unfortunate risk of losing data in the event of an infection such as CryptoLocker getting through.  I understand that this malware can even 'lock' the data on connected drives, so if you use an external hard drive for backing up, but leave it connected to the PC, this backup data could still be compromised.  


I know the obvious answer is to disconnect the drive, but this isn't the ideal solution for auto-backups, as you have to remember to connect it at the right time, so I wondered if there was a better way?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Hi Siltanen,

    Thanks for responding! :)

    I gathered from the lack of other responses that this might be the case, so I guess disconnection is the only answer.


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