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In F-Secure computer security, status is shown as 'your computer is not protected' and Wndows Firewall is switched off. When I try to turn it on I get the message that an unidentified problem prevents the settings being displayed or if I try to update settings I am not allowed to do that either. If I go to 'settings' in F-Secure then 'firewall' where the firewall is shown as 'off', I can then go to Windows firewall but the same message comes up. Do I need the Windows firewall to be on?


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    No, but you need the F-Secure Firewall to be switched on, as it rides on the back of Windows Firewall. Turn on FS's firewall and you should be OK.
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    How do I check that FS-Secure's firewall is on?

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    Error - reply removed.

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    I think there's some confusion here:


    Starting with Internet Security 2013, F-Secure does not have its own firewall solution in Home versions of Internet Security. Instead it makes sure you have Windows Firewall turned on. In addition to that there's a setting in the F-Secure Firewall section, to block harmful downloads (Advanced Network Protection). Also you have the F-Secure Application Monitor called Deepguard.

    More info here:


    And Yes, you definitively should have Windows Firewall turned on!! (unless you have another firewall product installed)


    Note: If you previously had Virgin Media Security, chances are it hasn't been removed completely which may be causing this problem. Follow these instruction: 

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    Nik, there's a setting in Computer Security > Settings > Firewall to turn the Firewall on.  Does this not turn on Windows Firewall?



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    The Firewall ON/OFF setting in Internet Security(Computer Security) = Windows Firewall.

    It's confusing since you may get the impression from the settings that F-Secure has its own stand-alone firewall product.


    I just meant that there's no separate "F-Secure Firewall". There is Windows Firewall + F-secure options to enhance the overall firewall protection. No more confusions I hope Smiley Wink

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    Indeed, and apologies for my initial reply, which I admit was confusing.  red-face.gif  I assumed that by turning on the F-Secure 'Firewall' switch, this would automatically start Windows Firewall, if it wasn't already running.  Basically, yes, Windows Firewall should be On, and so should The F-Secure 'Firewall' and Deepguard, so sorry for the mis-information.

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    Yes, that switch handles Windows Firewall, but ONLY Windows Firewall. It's just a utility to make it easier for the user to switch Windows Firewall On/Off. It does not affect the F-Secure product in any way since there is no such thing as an "F-Secure Firewall" anymore. Only a setting(checkbox) to block harmful downloads, and that has nothing to do with the Windows Firewall.


    So to avoid any confusion I would say: You can turn the Windows Firewall on/off from either the Control Panel, or from the F-Secure setting "Firewall".

    And not use the term "the F-Secure Firewall" because there is none Smiley Wink

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    @WeeBob Sorry that I went a little of topic about any confusion between Windows Firewall and F-Secure Firewall.

    If you still have problems, try:

    Don't know your OS but it seems most people with this problem has XP or Vista, and it may be caused by an infection.

    Some suggestion are try resetting Windows Firewall or scanning for infections with different products.

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    OS is Windows Vista. Suggestions haven't worked. When I switch windows firewall on it goes back to off and I still get the message 'due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Wndows Firewall settings'. I cannot update settings either. Note that Windows Security Center, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are all off. 

  • Having tried all the remedies in threads and sing Windows help, I am also unable to switch Windows Firewall on.  Any suggestions please; I have been trying to sort this for 3 days now.

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    I suggest you scan your PC for malware that may be causing this error:


   (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)


    And read the suggestion from Microsoft Community:

    Windows Vista Home Premium - Firewall Problems

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