We does F secure ignore it's customers?

I signed up with F secure in December and downloaded their antivirus sofrtware.  However the other day I had a problem with my hard drive and had to change it.  When I tried to log in to f secure and redownload the software it didn't recognise my email or password.  I then submitted a service request and a computer generated reply arrived.  Since then, nothing. 

Ironically on the bottom of the email it said that f secure was at my service, well apparently not.


  • NikK
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    It sounds as you're a F-Secure SAFE customer, correct?

    Did you try "Forgot your password" link? If so, check your email Spam folder.


    If you're not a SAFE customer, then there's no need for logging in. As long as you have your subscription key you can download and install from here (don't use this if you have SAFE!)


    I guess the support just haven't had time to reply yet. I'm guessing there have been more issues than usual the last days.


    F-Secure does not ignore it's customers. And here at the community we are rather quick in responding, but sometimes we cannot help out in the same way the F-Secure support can.

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  • Torq2
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    Hi Nikk,


    I am a virgin media customer.  For some reason they have passed us onto these people for antivirus software.  I downloaded f-secure in December, but the other day my hard drive died, and so I had to install another one.


    I now want to redownload the software to the new hard drive, but when I went to log in, it doesn't recognise my email address.  I have 4 and have tried them all, it just say's that the email is not registered with f-secure. 


    Well it must have been originally for me to setup the account and download the software.  Stupidly I only wrote down email address+ password in my notebook, so I am not sure which one I registered with them.  However, I had to go through my main email accout to download the software, so it must be that one.


    I did get a reply this afternoon, but the guy just told me how to log into the communities, which is not what I am trying to do.  I have replied to him and he is of course ignoring me. 


    It appears to me that for some reason my log in is missing.  This would be ok, if it would let me reregister, but it doesn't appear to let me.


    I am stitting here on the net with no antivirus software protection, so I am getting a little frustrated with these people.


    I don't think that anyone in the communities can help with my problem, and until someone seriously contacts me, I am getting nowhere.

  • Simon
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    Hi, where are you trying to log in?  Just to clarify, it's https://mysafe.f-secure.com/login.  As  Virgin Media customer, I believe you were initially given a link through your Virgin portal.  I'm not sure if you have to use that link each time, but it might be worth trying both.

  • Torq2
    Torq2 Posts: 4



    I don't believe it, I just tried to log in again with no luck, but below is a facebook link.  I tried it yesterday and it didn't work, but now it logged me in.  I have now downloaded the software and installed it.  


    I did originally go through virgin, but I registered with f-secure and wrote down the log in.  Anyway, it seems to be sorted now. 

    To be honest, I wasn't exactly impressed with f-secure when I was running it before the crash, but I guess I'm stuck with it for now.



  • Simon
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    It's a good product, but, you know, it's horses for courses, and doesn't suit some users.  Is there anything specific you don't like that we can perhaps help with?

  • Chrissy
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    Hi @Torq2 !

    Glad to hear you got SAFE up and running, and sorry to hear about your experience. Be assured, you can always come ask for help here in the Community Smiley Very Happy Let us know if there's still something we can help you with.


    BTW, I moved this thread to the correct board.

    // Chrissy

  • Torq2
    Torq2 Posts: 4

    My issue really is around gaming.  Ever since I installed it my computer seems to run slower.  I know there is a gaming tab, and I click it, but it still seems to slow me down.


    The original issue still hasn't been resolved, which is I can't log in using my email, although facebook log in works in the end.

  • Enfcmedic384
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    Did you try the multiple e-mails associated with your account? I am asking this in addition if you have G-Mail or other web based mail click on G-mail's ALL MAIL Folder and then Search for F-Secure/Fsecure in various forums but remember to search ALL your e-mail folders. Then after all the F-Secure e-mails come up add the F-Secure addresses to your Contacts or Whitelist so that they are always sent to the important folder. This way you never miss an e-mail from F-Secure again. Look in G-Mail or Outlook.com FAQs also on creating filters where you can even create a folder just for F-Secure mail and then when it arrives the mail will automatically be sent to that folder. Hope that helps.

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