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Deep Guard asked me about Trusting pbbtnService.exe Win service. I researched and found that this is a service run by PasswordBox, which appears to be a legit, well respected password saving program. The problem is that I am 90% sure I did not download the program (10% chance it might have been bundled) and 100% sure I did not install and get a user account. The service was trying to connect to which is a cloud service in Costa Rico. I chose to block the service. It is probably a legit password manager that I accidentally downloaded, but it would be a great way to steal passwords if someone modified and distributed the file with a redirected location to forward the passwords?


  • NikK
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    Deepguard only asks for unknown applications. It it was a respected and known program, it would not have asked about it.

    Try and find it among installed programs, and remove it.

  • PS
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    PasswordBox actually does install a file named pbbtnService.exe as a Windows service and it is a 4.5 star CNET and PC Mag rated program. The program folder contains the support files normally expected, including an uninstall exe file. I just found it very odd that it appearred as a low level installed service when I do not remember a request to install and the destination was the unusual Cloud Host Service. Many people will have a legit pbbtnService.exe service, I was mostly wondering if anyone knows of a malicious version of the file being in the wild?

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