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Hi, I have installed fsecure safe on 2 of my household computers and have been able to block sites on both, however, if I click on the fsecure logo on my desktop, it doesn't ask me for a password or anything and allows me to access 'blocked' sites and uncheck them. This seems to make no sense of having this program on my childrens computers if they can access the fsecure logo and access my account to remove blocked sites whenever they want. Before, I had virgin security, which worked very well, as when someone else tried to access sites, they were prompted to put in a password to access the account to unblock certain sites, this one doesn't seem to do that or am I doing something wrong? I want to install this on my childrens computers but because of this I am unsure.


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    I believe the parental controls with F-Secure work with Windows account settings, so if you want to password protect an account, this has to be set within Windows. Could it be that your other two machines are already password protected within Windows, and the third one isn't?
  • I have found out that someone else had had the same problems as me. Looks like a lost cause. Luckily its a free trial and will have to purchase something else instead as this does not do the job. See other community members thread:

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    I have to admit, having parental controls riding on the back of Windows User Account Controls isn't ideal for some users, but as long as your children don't need Administrator access, then it does act to extend the Windows account controls a little.
  • Unfortunately my children (2 teenagers) have their own computers and are administrators on them also, so this is of no use to us then?

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    As Administrators, it is my understanding that they would be able to bypass any parental controls set within F-Secure. The alerts would still appear, but I believe they could simply click an 'Allow' option to continue.
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    After F-Secure changed it(a couple of years ago I think) from using a master password to instead work like Windows own "Parental Controls" function (which defines what programs a non-admin user can run etc), it's probably only suitable for younger children. Not for children with administrator accounts.

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