F-Secure Internet Security: Manual Update Date Conflicting with Database Version Dates


Hi everyone


I am currently using F-Secure Internet Security 2013. The software states that the last successful update check was done on 14/12/13.  However, the database versions for virus and spyware definitions states that these definitions are as recent as 03/01/14.  I am therefore confused because the software states that on the one-hand, there has not been an update check since 14/12/13, yet the definitions themselves show a later and more up to date date.


I am guessing that the above discrepancy is due to either of the following reasons:


  • This is possibly an error, and I can therefore not tell which date is actually correct.
  • On  the other hand, this may be correct operation and is simply indicative of the fact that the last successful update check [presumably] refers to a manual check triggered by the user, while the more up to date definitions are because of an automatic update.

Can anyone provide some guidance which may enable me to resolve this discrepancy and therefore confirm that the software is up to date?


My system is as follows:


  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • F-Secure Internet Security 2013

Thank you in advance for your help.




  • Blackcat
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    First. Any reason why you are not running the 2014 version?


    My FSIS 2014 version look like this;







    Have you checked the log-file above; it should give you some answers.

  • Jmarshall



    Thanks for your response. I will now install the 2014 version of the software; I simply had not got around to doing this.


    I had also forgotten about the log file that you have highlighted and have now looked at this on my system and have been able to confirm that the 'Hydra' update (dated 03/01/14) has indeed been installed, so all is well.  However, as a point of interest, the last successful update check still states that this was 14/12/13, despite the aforementioned and very recent 'Hydra' update.  Does this last successful update check date refer specifically the user triggered check, rather than the automatic check that has presumably downloaded the 'Hydra'' update?  If so, could this in theory mean that all definitions are up to date, despite the last successful update check showing a date from several weeks ago?


    I guess that why I am trying to clarify this is that although I have been able to clarify this by examining the log, it is somewhat confusing when one simply looks at the obvious statusofprotection that the productis showing.


    Thanks again.



  • Blackcat
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    Hi Jason


    Install F-Secure 2014 (wait until it has fully updated by the main Window in Computer Security-this may take up to 10-20 minutes after the initial install);




    now see if you have the same problem.


    Keep the Foum posted.

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