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have been trying to get help from fsecure to access my account phoned,On line and now here my email is XXXX@XXXXX this is he one i used to start my account but now wont accept please help





  • Ben
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    Hello Cardinal,


    I edited your post to protect you private information and moved it for a more relevant place (I hope:) ) .


    Could you precise to us what kind of account is not anymore accessible to you? What is the f-secure product your are using?

    Did you try to open a ticket through the form available?


    Thank you.

  • can anyone help i have 5 licences but one is for a new laptop that reset to factory setting so need to reinstall but in now seems not to recognise my email so unable to accsess my account being trying for days to contact fsecrure bt phone and on line but seems unable to any suggestions

  • hi thanks the product im using is internet security not sure what a ticket is but if its to ask for a new password and follow link yes sevral time but go tno email, did get a email of fsecure befor christmas say they would get back to me but never did

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Cardinal,


    By ticket I meant a support case :) . I found a support ticket open with your email address for our Technology Preview  program.
    On this ticket we are still waiting an input from your part.
    "...could not find any account associated to the email address [email protected]. Could you specify which email address or username you used when registering at"


    Can you precise if you are indeed part of our Technology Preview program?


    If yes then I advise you to reply directly to the above mentioned email.

    If not please proceed to open a ticket through the link I provided in my post above, so that our support can help you.


    Are you a Virgin Media customer?


    Thank you.

  • NikK
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    Is it possible you registered with a different email address, than the one you are trying with now?


    To submit a Support Request is to fill out a form with your details and description about your problem, and sending it to F-Secure Support. Additional ways to reach the support is Online Chat or Call Support

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