Help please. Where is the Tools Page please?


Happy New Year.
I have just downloaded F-Secure because Virgin Media Security has ceased.
I am wondering how to do a scan.
In "Help" it says "How to perform a scan" but when I click on it, it just says "You can scan ... blah blah ".. I know I CAN, but I want to know HOW !
Someone said I should go to the Tools Page.
But where is that? I have been looking for over 2 hrs & cannot see it anywhere.

When I click my desktop icon, I get 4 options "Online Safety", "Safe Profile, "Search" & "F-Secure" (F-Secure has quite a few options in the drop down menu).

In that box of 4 options, my mate has different options from me. He has "Computer Security" which takes him to Tools & Scans etc. but I have "Online Safety" which just tells me what is protected.
Thanks people.    Deryck


  • NikK
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    Sounds like Computer Security hasn't been installed properly, or isn't working. This is probably because Virgin Media Security hasn't been completely removed. You need to run an additional removal tool, more info here:


  • muzz
    muzz Posts: 6

    Thanks for your speedy help. But I seem to be having the same problem as all those in the thread you forwarded to me !


    Some of links I clicked on are either "Blocked" as they are harmful or say they're not compatible with Windows 7.


    One of the links says that I should 

    1. Go to Start and then click Control Panel.
    2. Click Programs then Programs and Features.
    3. Select Virgin Media Security in the list and click Change/Uninstall.
    4. When the User Account Control dialog box appears, click Continue

    Virgin Media Security does not appear in my programs list so I assume that it has been deleted/uninstalled.

    (There is a Virgin Media Service Manager still there, but I think I still need that for my broardband don't I?)


    One thing.  When I click on my first option "Online Safety", it says what is protected ("harmful web sites are blocked" , "banking protection is on") and there is a "settings" link. When I click on that I get an "F-Secure Admin settings" link. Should I download that?

  • muzz
    muzz Posts: 6

    Hi there.

    Thank you so much for responding to my plea.


    I decided to unistall F-Secure & then re-install it to see if it made any difference - someone said it might not have installed properly.

    It was difficult to find the original Virgin link to get it free, but I found it.


    As it was loading, I saw "installing Computer Security" - which I didn't get the first time round.

    As soon as it was done, I had the 5 boxes including Computer Security.  So all is well.


    Obviously F-Secure hadn't installed properly the first time.  SImple, but really annoying  !



  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Great! And thanks for reporting back as it may help others. You could say that sometimes it pays off doing a re-install, without knowing why it didn't work the first time :)

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