Re: Accidently cleaned all of my backup


I hope there's a possible solution in the quarantine folder. Well I know a quarantine folder consists of the threat detected files by antivirus but still you may cross-check. If they are available there you may follow the steps given here: for recovering the files.


  • rozermartin27

    Well the thread is too old. I had a look on that later when I posted the response. If the issue has been resolved just ignore the post.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Rozermartin27,


    You posted on the board dedicated to our backup solution but seem to have quarantine issue. Hence I moved it to the more appropriate Security  board.


    The Knowledge article you referred to might indeed be useful in quanratine related case. If you need any further help, please provide more details on your problem (Product, Operating system).


    Thank you.

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